Our Squad
The credit to our tremendous growth goes to the people who build Catalyst Strategy. We came from a set of diverse background but unite beautifully as a family.
This is the space of acquaintance. Scroll them and click the face an get know them good.
Farina, who graduated from Kellogg School of Management in Northwestern University, has the experience of advising clients ranging from multinational corporations to Silicon Valley-based startups. This lady boss’ love for coffee is the main reason we are able to proudly say that we have the best office coffee in Jakarta.
Desy has built various local & international brands and led media innovation strategy for household names, including Unilever, since she finished her Master of Commerce from University of Sydney. As a true hustler and life of the party, this mother of two always makes people says, “I don’t know how she does it!”
Gorga is part of a rare breed of strategic designers who specializes in a human-centered design approach for UI/UX strategy and product development. He received his Bachelor of Visual Communications Design from Bandung Institute of Technology. Gorga will always find time for some game sessions in between his role as leader of the creative team.
Rico received his Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from First Media Design School, Jakarta. Always buzzing with ideas, Rico dreams to inspire a revolutionary movement in Indonesia through his creations. You’ll find him jamming to the best tunes after dark in the office, singing all kinds of music from rock to gospel songs.
Ami is a passionate content creator and social media enthusiast, with multiple work experience at crisis management and company branding projects under his belt. With the honorary title of Best Graduate, he received his Bachelor of Social Science in Communication Studies from Universitas Indonesia. Ami is the in-house Wikipedia for all things Hollywood. He brings life to office days through candid and unexpected jokes.
Martha received her Master of Business Administration from Brennan School of Business in Dominican University, Illinois and has extensive experience across several roles from HR, Finance to General Affairs. You can feel Martha’s love for Catalyst from her signature happy smile and attention to all of our employee’s well being.
Septhiria, who received her Bachelor of Social Science in Communication Studies from the University of Indonesia, leads the business team of Naked Foods and manages Catalyst Strategy’s social media assets. Her ideal weekend consists of spending time with her dog and burying her nose between pages of a good book. She loves planning office retreats and events when she’s not writing for Life at Catalyst’s Medium.
After receiving his Bachelor of Information Technology from Gunadarma University, Pandu has garnered years of extensive experience as developer in various industries; from e-commerce to telecommunication. His love for the beautiful underwater world in Indonesia has inspired him to initiate hiduplahindonesiaraya.com campaign.
Lala is a graphic designer who is already familiar with how design in digital media works. In her alone time, this Multimedia Nusantara University graduate enjoys making random playlists on Spotify and watching movies with a bag of crisps in the middle of the night (and talk about it the very next day).
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