We are the nation’s leading strategists, analysts, researchers, designers, writers, digital marketers, and developers. But all of us are storytellers at heart.

Farina Situmorang

Managing Partner

farina situmorang

Lydia Tarigan


lydia tarigan
I believe in happy-thoughts
inducing narratives.

Gorga Hariara


gorga hariara
Life is a game
worth playing.
Always level up!

Martha Manurung

Hr & ga director

martha manurung
Live in your
present moment and
be content for what's
happening because
everything happens for
a reason.

Pandu Widhi

Tech lead

pandu widhi
We can't put a stop in life.
So, we have to keep trying
and be nice. It's like
"keep nice + keep try =
nice try".

Aji Pambudi

Visual narrative director

aji pambudi
You only live once,
so be genuine with
your dreams.

Jonathan Sebastian

Finance & accounting controller

jonathan sebastian
The Source
loves everything.

Nadia Andayani

Project Lead

nadia andayani


Senior intern


Wico Chandra

Senior developer

wico chandra
I am having fun with
my life.

Lisa Imrani

Project lead

lisa imrani
I believe there is no
struggle without an end.
There is no need to dwell
on the problems and
overthinking it.

Larasati Aziz

Senior visual narrative designer

larasati aziz
Don't forget to be
happy first!

Sarita Suryono

Strategy analyst

sarita suryono
There's no reason to be
bored, because there are
endless experiences and
stories to be explored
in this lifetime.

Salsabila Nasir

Visual narrative designer

salsabila nasir
Living my life to the
fullest since the universe
and its components have
given more than enough.

Indra Kuntara

Senior developer

indra kuntara
Do not waste our time in
anger, regrets, worries,
and grudges. Life is
too short to be unhappy.

Ali Armansyah Rusmiputro

Strategy analyst

ali armansyah
Be authentic and true
to yourself is the key
to happier life.

Cindy Valensya Silalahi

Finance & accounting admin

cindy valensya
I believe we are always
going to find a way in every
struggle if we are always
willing to be better
from yesterday.




Wiwid Novitaria

Strategy analyst

wiwid novitaria
I always strive to defy
the gravity because I am
through accepting limits.

Indira Pradini

Strategy analyst

indira pradini
Always do everything for
100% because I believe
everyone has a role in the
society no matter how
small it may seem.

Rico Makahanap

Senior visual narrative designer

rico makahanap
I believe we have to love
all the sentient beings and
take this life really easy.
Laugh and love more.
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