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The leader’s narrative that unleashed the country’s full potential

Building Joko Widodo’s strategic narrative for the 2014 presidential campaign, as the leader who empowered the people unleashing the country’s full potential.

Opening financial doors to small businesses across the nation

Crafting a digital media strategy to communicate the strategic narrative, promoting financial inclusion to maximize profit. The strategy focuses on eliminating pain points that lead to increased efficiency of agent acquisition and create key visual reference and guidelines.

Leading the blockchain market through better narratives within the Indonesian agriculture

Building HARA’s empowering strategic narrative as a leading blockchain player in Indonesian agriculture. This leads to HARA’s success to sell out its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) during a cryptocurrency bear market during the volatile market environment.

Bringing the Soul of The Indonesian Medical Industry

Conducting workshops and exercises that demonstrated how to bring the soul of the organization through social media.

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