We are just obsessed with building a better world through better narratives, from one organization at a time. A great commitment that would need love, joy and abundance from every part of the step.

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Like most companies out there, we think that strong financial and business performance is a pre-requisite for a healthy and sustainable company. But we are also a values-driven company. We don’t believe in creating a work environment or delivering services that are not aligned with our values.

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We value love, which means everything we do is out of love. Love the new challenges ahead, everyone in between and ourself. Also, every choice we take must bring joy and happiness to our life, just like how Catalyst aims to be the happiest workplace in Indonesia. Which would help us rise together as a team and putting limits aside.

At Catalyst, we have four core teams that work together closely because all our projects usually require the expertise from all teams. These roles will be based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Excited about stories and narratives that are under our noses, curious about the newest trends happening across the region and is not afraid to voice their ideas

Our mission is to be the hottest strategy team in town!

Visual Narrative Team

Eager to explore their imagination and creativity, always thirsty to try the newest design technique and love to discuss the hottest comic and illustration.

Our mission is to be the trendiest visual storytellers, that is always levelling-up.


Always on the rise to find the last puzzle piece during problemsolving, intrigued by the latest software and tech updates.

Our mission is to find the most effective solution for every challenge.

Operations and Financial Team

We take numbers and numerals to a whole new level because we always challenge our knowledge from the latest resources available. Not to mention helping other co-workers in need!

Our mission is to make sure Catalyst runs smoothly, being the best strategic narrative consulting firm in town!

We are always open to have new talent.
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