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We are obsessed with building a better world through our services, from creating better narratives to building a technology solution that transforms how our clients use big data. We are always looking for great talents with love, joy, and abundance in every step of their professional life.



Like most companies out there, we think that substantial financial and business performance is a prerequisite for a healthy and sustainable company. But we are also a valuesdriven company. We believe that love should be the foundation of what we do every day. Love helps to create trust and growth.

We value love, which means everything we do is out of love. Love the new challenges ahead, everyone in between, and ourselves.


Every choice we make must bring joy and happiness to our lives, just like Catalyst aims to be the happiest workplace in Indonesia, which would help us rise together as a team and put limits aside!

You are free to speak up if you aren’t happy. Where else would you find yourself in a place where collaboration strives forwards!


We always strive to push all limits! That is why we believe in abundance mentality - looking past preconceived notions and limiting beliefs, focusing instead on expansive possibilities. Willingness to reach outside one’s comfort zone is what we are seeking.


We want to expand and execute our mission with you. Let’s do it together.


We are looking for an enthusiastic and driven Intern to assist our strategy, visual narrative, technology, and operations team. Find your purpose by dipping on real experience in one of our teams.


We are looking for a solution architect who will help out customers solve their most painful problems by supporting them throughout the project life cycle. You will define the project implementation architecture and work together with the team to ensure that the projects achieve ultimate success!

Job specification:
  • You are great at building meaningful relationships with customers, partners, and internal team
  • You have technical background & working knowledge of modern software development practices and technologies
  • Great presentation skills, both in Bahasa Indonesia and in English
  • You have excellent business acumen; you need to be able to answer RFPs, do an in-depth market analysis, or cost/benefit analysis
  • You have a strong experience in working with the public sector or government clients
  • Adaptive and introspective; willing to learn, teach, lead, and follow
  • Happy to roll up your sleeves to go into details of any technology solutions
Send us your most impressive CV to hello@catalystrategy.com or click the submit button below.


We are looking for a project manager who has the resilience to thrive under immense pressure, that when things are going down in flames, you rise like a phoenix from the ashes, not burn down with everything else! As a Project Manager, you’ll work as part of a driven and creative team of Engineers, Product Designers, Data Architects, and Analysts to successfully deploy a mission critical technology solution. Your role is to ensure that the deployment moves along successfully within the required time frame and that future projects are secured.

Job specification:
  • You are great at building meaningful relationships with customers, partners, and the internal team
  • We value those who aren’t satisfied with surface-level answers. We value those who dig deep
  • Pay attention and dive into the smallest detail
  • You can solve problems as-you-go
  • Adaptive and introspective; willing to learn, teach, lead, and follow
  • Great presentation skills, both in Bahasa Indonesia and in English
  • Previous experience in technology project management is a huge plus
Think that you can be a great fit for this role? Send us your most updated resume and cover letter to hello@catalystrategy.com or click the submit button below!


We are looking for a senior developer with a can-do attitude, excited about the possibilities, not just say, “that’s not possible,” instead, you will say, “let’s figure this out!”. As a senior developer, you will collaborate closely with technical and non-technical counterparts to understand our customers’ problems and build solutions to solve them. We believe Developers should also meet our customers to understand what’s important to them and their pain points.

Job specification:
  • We are looking for people who can write clean, effective code
  • Strong engineering background
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, or other languages
  • Familiarity with ElasticSearch/ELK stack, data structures, storage systems, cloud & on-premise infrastructure, front-end frameworks, and other technical tools
  • A passion for understanding how technical decisions impact the people who will use what you’re building
  • You can work effectively in teams, technical or non-technical
  • You can present your work in front of a wide range of audiences
  • Be able to deal with quick, multiple iterations in a short time
  • You learn continuously, work independently, and make decisions with minimal supervision
Excited to be a part of our team? Send us your application to
hello@catalystrategy.com or click the submit button below!


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