Why Digital Storytelling Matters Even More Now

July 17, 2020
Catalyst Strategy

For some brands, the coronavirus pandemic has presented a difficult time to run their business. In less than six months, we're changing face-to-face communication, offline marketing events, and way of working. Yet, the biggest question remains a big cloud in our heads: How can brands help people? 

Finding the right messaging is always tricky, during crisis or not. People aren't short on choices, now that they spend more time on social media or any online channel. The average shopper is bombarded with digital offers and propositions from every angle on smart devices, TV screens, digital signage, etc. They're "connected" a lot. From all those channels, especially social media, there is a host of mediums through which a brand can tell their story. So, at this time, we need something that cannot only influence those people but also engage them in becoming the real fans of your brand. 

Digital storytelling is the answer. 

Because you want to tell stories that shed light in this uncertain world. And we believe that your story should be described clearly and can move your true fans. There are so many kinds of digital storytelling that have been told in this world. But which one is suitable for your brand for this uncertain world? 

Yes, we need Digital storytelling in the now so your brand can tell stories relevant to what's going on today. But first, make sure you keep these four things in mind: 

  1. Stay true to your brand's north star 
    Storytelling is a timeless platform to let your brand voice shine through. What is your brand DNA? What is your brand's narrative? What drives you to make every marketing effort every single day? What belief do you want to project out there through your brands, your products, your service? If you deviate from your core personality, people will see you're not authentic nor consistent. 
  2. Bring value 
    The wave of transformational year can bring a lot of feelings to many people. Boredom, loneliness, tiredness, depression, and mental health condition are not just concepts in articles. They are the reality. As a brand, how would you make people feel? It is more important now to know how your customers feel about the current situation. By telling a story that resonates to your audience, you put one foot at the door to their hearts
  3. Push that emotional button
    Cheer their day, answer their problems, let them feel something profound. You'll find it in numerous quotations around the internet: people will not forget how you make them feel. 
  4. Engage, engage, and engage.
    True fans will come back for more. We believe that for sure. Now the question you need to keep asking yourselves a brand, how can you manifest your storytelling in many ways?

We believe that the story that your brands want to tell is the story that makes your audience happy, and we also believe that joyful and empowering stories will always win the hearts of people. 

So, what can we do together to grow your true fans? Visit Catalyst Light to find out more. 

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