We are excited about stories.
But some stories are under our noses which comes in many forms!

Bagaimana kita bisa sukses mempengaruhi perilaku orang banyak? Membangun narasi jawabannya!

Karena kami paham sekali bahwa untuk mempengaruhi tingkah laku orang adalah hal yang sulit. Apalagi orang banyak. read more

The Language That All Developers Should Learn

“Don’t speak alien!” or “Explain it in simple words!” Sounds familiar with these phrases? (Everybody whoever says that or hear that, put your hand in the air and say yeah). read more

How Changing Your Narrative Could Enhance Your Life

If you could write your own life a narrative, would you put yourself playing a role as the victim? Has it crossed your mind that we could be a hero, even if it’s only in your universe? read more

One of my easy ways to learn new things/skills

What is your personal narrative?

A Tale of Three Cities

A Canine Perspective on Effective Storytelling.

Narratives Beyond Numbers

How Watching Films Helps Me To Seek Inspiration In Visual Storytelling.

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