We are excited about stories.
But some stories are under our noses which comes in many forms!

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One of my easy ways to learn new things/skills

Are you interested in increasing your knowledge? Or learning new skills/things? I believe most of you will answer, Yes. I’d like to share my easy way to increase my knowledge while staying productive at work or social life. read more

What is your personal narrative?

Mike Johnston is not just a good drummer. He also has a strong personal narrative. Through his drumming tutorials on his Youtube channel, I can feel his energetic presence. He uses words that are... read more


I was sitting on the corner of a coffee shop while Dewa’s song was playing on my Spotify. It’s been almost an hour. But here I am, staring at the screen and trying to complete a paragraph that I don’t know how many times I’ve deleted and tried to rewrite read more

A Canine Perspective on Effective Storytelling.

Narratives Beyond Numbers

How Watching Films Helps Me To Seek Inspiration In Visual Storytelling.

Why We Need More Narratives in Business & Life in General

Why Design is an Act of Storytelling

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