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What Happens After The Pandemic?

A think piece from an HR professional’s perspective. read more

How to improve the quality of life in this pandemic as a web developer

It is on the 12th of May. I have watched all of my videos on the watch list, fished some of the games on my steam’s library, and I still have so much free time besides work. So, as a developer, I have... read more

Bagaimana Sebuah Institusi Dapat Membangun Narasi Strategis Yang Efektif Di Tengah Krisis?

Ada beberapa faktor yang dapat mempengaruhi seberapa efektif suatu institusi dalam membangun narasi di tengah krisis. Dan bagaimana tim dapat membentuk sebuah Rencana Narasi Strategis untuk Krisis... read more

Bagaimana kita bisa sukses mempengaruhi perilaku orang banyak? Membangun narasi jawabannya!

The Language That All Developers Should Learn

How Changing Your Narrative Could Enhance Your Life

One of my easy ways to learn new things/skills

What is your personal narrative?

A Tale of Three Cities

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