Catalyst Strategy is a strategic narrative consulting firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Since 2014,

Catalyst Strategy has helped clients, ranging from presidential candidates, gubernatorial candidates, corporations, high-growth startups, international organizations, and government agencies across the region, build their strategic narrative.
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We choose to build empowering strategic narratives that move people in today’s hyper-connected world. We help leaders of the organization define what kind of future their organization will create, translating their purpose to get people rally behind them.

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Catalyst Strategy is a part of the FAB Group, Indonesia’s largest and fastest-growing creative enterprise. As the first consulting firm to join the group’s diverse portfolio of agencies and companies, Catalyst would focus on delivering the best strategic narrative for your organization.

We are the nation’s
leading strategists, analysts,
researchers, designers, writers,
digital marketers, and developers.

But all of us are
storytellers at heart.

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