What is a strategic narrative?

The story that drives the choices an organization makes.
The soul and personality of the organization that further translates into its culture, strategy, action, brands and products or services.
In today’s hyper-connected world where every channel is full of noise and every person lacks attention span, organizations need a strong strategic narrative.
The one that can move people and shape how the world thinks.

Catalyst Strategy

Catalyst Strategy is a strategic narrative consulting firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Since 2014, Catalyst Strategy has helped clients, ranging from presidential candidates, gubernatorial candidates, corporations, high-growth startups, international organizations, and government agencies across the region, build their strategic narrative.
We help leaders of the organization define what kind of future their organization will create, translating their purpose to get people to rally behind them.
We are the nation’s leading strategists, analysts, researchers, designers, writers, digital marketers, and developers. But all of us are storytellers at heart.


Strategic Narrative
Consulting Services
For companies, organizations & policymakers
Strategic Narrative
For leaders & individuals


To answer the question: “What is our new strategic narrative?”

A consulting engagement to create a new strategic narrative for an organization. The Strategic Narrative Blueprint brings out the soul of the company. It articulates the organization’s clear sense of purpose, identity and values to its audience.


To answer the question: “How can we bring our strategic narrative to life?”

The Strategic Narrative Plan takes the blueprint and brings it to life with an implementation plan. This is a consulting engagement for those who already have an existing strategic narrative or those who have created the Blueprint with us and want to have a solid plan before execution.


To implement the Strategic Narrative Plan and build the new strategic narrative

The Strategic Narrative Implementation is when we help organizations implement their Strategic Narrative Plan. This implementation project of the new strategic narrative can be executed between 3 to 24 months using different channels.

Monitoring &

To ensure that the project implementation is on the right track

We help organizations who implement the project internally by monitoring and reporting the implementation to ensure the project is on the right track.


To supervise the project implementation done by multiple parties

The implementation of project maybe more complex when it involves multiple parties and vendors. We can help organizations with our 3 to 24 months project implementation supervision.

Public Policy
Strategic Narrative

To develop the strategic narrative of a new public policy

A consulting engagement to help government agencies use an effective storytelling approach to gain public support of a new policy.


To transform a keynote presentation into effective storytelling

We help leaders and executives to develop a successful and effective keynote presentation using visual storytelling to convey their messages.

Strategic Narrative
Academy for

To empower leaders and executives to build better strategic narratives

The Strategic Narrative Academy offers a learning experience for leaders to build better strategic narratives.

Strategic Narrative
Academy for Managers
and Teams

To empower managers and team-members to build better strategic narratives

An eye-opening workshop on how strategic narratives can help managers and team-members to be more effective in their communications approach.


The leader’s narrative that unleashed the country’s full potential

Building Joko Widodo’s strategic narrative for the 2014 presidential campaign, as the leader that empowers the people unleashing the country’s full potential.

Leading the blockchain market through better narratives within the Indonesian agriculture

Building HARA’s empowering strategic narrative as a leading blockchain player in Indonesian agriculture. This leads to HARA’s success to sell out its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) during a cryptocurrency bear market during the volatile market environment.

Opening financial doors to small businesses across the nation

Crafting a digital media strategy to communicate the strategic narrative, promoting financial inclusion to maximize profit. The strategy focuses on eliminating pain points that leads to increased efficiency of agent acquisition, and creation key visual reference and guidelines.

Bringing the Soul of The Indonesian Medical Industry

Conducting workshops and exercises that demonstrated how to bring the soul of the organization through social media.



If you think you or your organisation needs an enlightenment and guidance for the narrative, give us a heads up below and we’ll contact you further.
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